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Sell,buy or invest in property is a great decision,make it right!

Selling a property in Singapore is not simply putting it up to the medias and attracts buyers to view and purchase it.

Pricing it right for the property to sell in the market and the skillsets to sell it effectively and fast is an important factor than one that langishes it in the real estate market for months.

Another unit sold above valuation

Sold the above unit on 3rd quarter of 2015 above valuatiion. Want to know how I sell this unit within a month, give me a call today to know how.
For sellers or landlord, your property will be posted in this website for free, l will match and qualify all buyers and tenants enquiries for you before bringing them to view your property.

Call me today for an appointment so that I can arrange my photographer to take pictures of your property and post it in my website, completely free if you are planning to sell or let your property.


Why require to take pictures for your property that you are planning to sell or lease?
From my past experience, it has shown that buyers or tenants surfing the net love to see pictures of the property they are looking for especially the actual pictures and layout or improvements of the property and it attracts attention far more better than those listing without pictures. Therefore, I encourage and would always advise home owner or landlord to take pictures of their property instead.

Can I take the pictures of my property and send it to you via email and post it in this website?
This is the second most questions asked by home owner or landlord.
Yes, you can do so, but many times I discovered that the quality of the pictures taken by home owner or landlord was not capture at its best, and that would affect the impression given to those potential buyer or tenant surfing or making enquiry through the website and it will affect the expect asking price.

Let me do the job!  I will send my professional photographer at no cost to you, to capture the best angle and pictures of your property and post it in our website within 24 hours.

Call me at 94877117 today or drop me an email,lets discuss how I can assist you in marketing your property. Hear from you soon!

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